About us

Organisational Overview

Keltron is a wholly Ugandan-owned company, headquartered in Kampala. The company is Uganda’s leading electrical contractor and has established a reputation over the years for being a highly professional organization, having successfully delivered a wide range of prestigious projects in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Burundi, Madagascar, Sierra Leone and Gabon. Keltron is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality certified company.

Over the years, Keltron has been a significant contractor in the energy sector, having installed all the medium voltage interconnection sub-stations for 250MW of Aggreko’s Temporary Power Solutions, as well as for a 50MW heavy fuel oil thermal power station for Jacobsen.

Keltron was Tullow Oil’s electrical contractor of choice during Uganda's initial oil exploration phase.

Other oil & gas projects completed:-

  1. Tullow Oil - Refurbishment of their head office electrical installations
  2. Total E and P - Design and supervision of electrical and mechanical services installation for Total offices in Kampala
  3. Reliance Group - Instrumentation and protection of their Central Fuel Storage Facility and tanks in Kampala
  4. Electrical and instrumentation installations for the Total liquified natural gas plant in Uganda

Keltron is equipped with the requisite tools and test equipment to install medium voltage sub-stations up to a 36KV rating. Partnering where necessary with other international engineering companies, Keltron can provide full camp infrastructure designs, build solutions and turnkey engineering, commissioning and start-ups on all MVE installations.

Keltron recognizes its greatest asset as being its well-trained engineers, technicians and support staff and is proud of its Health and Safety record of working for over 2500 days without incurring a single lost time incident by the end of 2017

Quality Policy

Keltron Development Services Limited is dedicated to providing electrical design, installation and related services through timely and efficient delivery of products and services that meet customer satisfaction as appropriate to our strategic direction, purpose, size, context and to the specific nature of the risks and opportunities.

As a customer-centered company that achieves sustainable growth through the implementation and maintenance of acceptable business practices, we commit;

  1. To establish and maintain an effective quality management system that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001 and the industry best practices.
  2. To address the needs and expectations of our customers and relevant interested parties to full satisfaction.
  3. To adhere to all the applicable requirements for the products and services including customer requirements, statutory and other requirements.
  4. To provide a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives as well as establishing programmes for their effective implementation.
  5. To continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and its performance.
  6. To review the quality management system periodically to ensure its continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

The management team and its representatives shall drive the company towards realizing this commitment and shall equip employees, contractors and other interested parties with the necessary resources and authority to maintain customer focus; and halt any activity that is non-compliant or if the risk is not being appropriately controlled.

Heads of department shall ensure that their staff and relevant interested parties are made aware of the company’s quality policy commitments and the importance of complying with the requirements as stipulated.

The Managing Director is accountable for establishing and maintaining an effective Quality Management System to ensure the commitments made in this Policy and all requirements are being met.